Make it possible to download a package list for Easyubuntu on any machine without premeditation (and a prepared dependency-resolved list created by the Easyubuntu Offline Mode).


It is now possible to go from machine A to machine B, fetch packages for machine A and return there and install them with Easyubuntu. If, however, the user just gets to know about easyubuntu on a broadband-connected machine and doesn't want to/cannot make several trips back and forth, he could use a special web application that would download all the packages needed for EasyUbuntu to install his chosen options. The web app would assume dependencies of a fresh Ubuntu install.

Use cases

Joe visits his mate Moe in Ukraine, and sees that Moe uses Ubuntu. After several hours of getting to know Ubuntu, he decides he wants it at home in Uzbekistan as well, but, unlike Moe, he doesn't have a broadband connection. So Moe burns Joe an Ubuntu install CD and using the EasyUbuntu WebApp, a CD containing all the packages necessary for Joe to be able to play his collection of legally obtained mp3s and enable 3d acceleration on his nVidia card.



Unresolved issues

Who, How, When...


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