Make EasyUbuntu work in an offline mode and install debs downloaded on another machine (preferably with the option of live CD for the latter).


This is a feature in EasyUbuntu mainly for the users (machines) who don't have fast connections or don't have any network connection in the target machine.

Use cases

-Joe is on dialup at home, but has broadband at office. He wants to download all the required, but "not installed by default" packages at his office and install them later at home.

-Moe is too lazy to set up a network properly at home, and thus has broadband only on some machines, not necessarily GNU/Linux-based.

-Toe doesn't have an internet connection. After making an agreement with the local Internet Cafe, he takes a seat at one of their computers with a live CD and download whatever his home PC needs.


Two computers are involved. The 'target' computer, on which we want to install software, and the 'intermediary' computer, which has a decent internet connection. A good solution would be to do the download part of all the packages to install on the 'intermediary' computer, including the packages required for making package lists.


Must be worked into the existing EasyUbuntu package to avoid confusion. (Already, there has been enough confusion with Easybreezy, Easyubuntu and the rest.)>

Outstanding issues

Useful Information


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