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Many people give presentations using laptops. Often, to give the presentation your laptop needs the ability to connect to some display unit such as a projector. An application is needed to detect a new display unit, attempt to configure it for you automatically, then give you display options such as resolution and the ability to refresh the display.

Use cases

Joe is giving a presentation on the research he has been working on at a physics conference. Projectors are provided but is talk is on his Laptop. Joe needs the Laptop to automatically configure the projector connection to his Laptop so he can give his talk.

Cindy teaches a class of 30 students in a computer lab, each of which sits behind a computer. She needs each of the students to see what she is doing on her screen in order to teach a principle. Her laptop needs the ability to connect to the rooms display unit which is connected to all the students computers.

Bob's automatic configuration failed to connect to a projector with the correct resolution. He then manually chooses the correct resolution using the application and using his mouse clicks on the refresh display button and his Laptop connects perfectly.


Needs to be a GUI that can auto configure, give recommended resolution settings and give the option to refresh the display.


Like MacIntosh's:

Note how there is a nice detect display button and resolution selection and a way to calibrate.


Xorg as of 7.2 or 7.3 can just do this, via Keithp's new output hotplug stuff. All we need is a good GUI X configuration tool, but there is already a spec for that:


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