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This spec outlines what is possible to implement from EasyLDAPServer for the Feisty Release. The complete informational spec is available at EasyLDAPServer for future releases.


A standard LDAP service within Ubuntu is an essential foundation for developing a wide range of other network features, and getting third-party support for them. These include:

Any facility that involves sharing a common tree of records between separate services or multiple systems may potentially use an LDAP directory as the storage mechanism. The systems involved may be on either a private network, or the public Internet.

Use cases




* Scope for Feisty:


Data preservation and migration

Unresolved issues

2007/07/16 (stephan-impilinux) - Apache DS has integrated Kerberos and password management server, something to consider?

2007/07/16 (stephan-impilinux) - In the Kolab project what makes LDAP especially useful is having something like the Kolab daemon that can detect changes in LDAP and do actions. This will allow the Ubuntu server to automatically create accounts (imap, samba, shell) whenever a new user is added to LDAP.

Ebox is the way forward for Ubuntu, as it has been packages already. CoreyBurger

BoF agenda and discussion


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