We need to ease Ubuntu adoption amongst Web Developers and Windows System Administrators

Release Note

Ubuntu now sports an easy program that lets you setup Apache in a few clicks


Ubuntu has no decent apache gui configurator around. We want Ubuntu to be the platform of choice for web-developers, advanced bloggers and system administrators. We also want to improve the Web community's experience so that they feel good about Ubuntu and spread the word even further.

In the short period: we need a way to allow people to easily configure apache on they're machine. There's a nice number of people coming in the support channel asking how to do that. We need to solve that problem

Long term picture: Linux has no really good apache gui config program, we want to fill that hole.

Use Cases


The users are running Ubuntu or, at least, Debian.


Python and Gtk.

Similar software


Webmin is a tremendous contribution to the community. It has some issues though:

Yast Apache Module

Red Hat

What does Red Hat ?


We will rely on a custom made parser. We will preserve comments and change as little as we can from the configuration files. Augeas is could be a good choice but it doesn't supports Apache yet.


We will stick with the Gnome way, trying to hide unneccessary complications and present a Sober interface to the user. Screenshot

We will try to stay as much Ubuntu/Gnome look alike as we can. In a way, Rapache main window currently looks similar to the Update Manager.

Test/Demo Plan


Outstanding Issues

We'd like to implement SSH handling to support remote servers.

We rely on the Debian way to configure apache, so it's unlikely Rapache will support other distros in the near future. That's even worse thinking about the remote feature.

Rapache features for Intrepid (already implemented)

BoF agenda and discussion

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