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Usplash theme managment can and should be improved


With edgy, usplash got sexier, but theme management not. Both creating and switching themes is quite cumbersome

Use cases


This would involve a few usplash patches, revamping the default artwork and creating a small switcher application.


The struct usplash_theme will once again receive an update.

There will be an example build system for themes that has the following features

Simple GTK and QT applications need to be implemented for theme management



The ratio selection needs to be improved to cope with ratios a bit better

Theme buildsystem

The build system will involve some imagemagick trickery to make it all just work. The +map option for convert is excellent for creating consistent palettes. Some automagic scaling and resizing will help creating multi-resolution and multi-ratio themes.

Images that make up progressbars and animations will have to be copied and scaled too, to match the theme. Though duplicating these a lot makes me really worry about size.

GUI frontends

These will need to provide non-trivial implementations of usplash_put and usplash_put part so the progressbar and animation can be previewed. A GTK version already exists, see -- a QT version can be based on this implementation. The GUI frontends should probably be built from the same source package.


Will be available at


Size is really becoming an issue here, we may want to bring back the run-length encoding.


It is not always best to simply scale pics to other aspect ratios...rounded boxes or circles end up looking funny when simply scaled. Cropping may not always be the best option either. In such cases it might be best to add a function to be able to render the pics from svg's. Proportional issues could be handled better this way.


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