This spec is loosely based on the FakeRaidSpec.


Provide out of the box support for BIOS Software RAID/FakeRAID in Ubuntu Intrepid.

Release Note


Many motherboards and PCI IDE/SATA cards have entered the market since late 2002 supporting S-ATA/IDE RAID. This is in fact fake hardware raid, a.k.a. fakeraid or softraid. A number of power users and servers are using such solutions as a cheap raid solution, particularly well known hardware OEMs. Intel themselves are using this solution for their lower end server boards. Many users already have other operating systems such as Windows installed on such a RAID setup, and wish to install Ubuntu as a dual boot configuration. Out of the box Ubuntu support using dmraid would allow these users to install Ubuntu alongside windows, without having to either get rid of the RAID setup, or use another non-RAID hard drive.

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