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Diogo Miguel Constantino dos Santos

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diogoconstantino at ubuntu-pt.org ; diogo.santos at ansol.org ; diogo.santos at direitosdigitais.pt

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Diogo Constantino


Worked in IT for a number of years, in several positions, mostly around development, but also systems administration.

Member of several associations related with IT such as Portuguese National Association for Free Software (Associação Nacional para o Software Livre, ANSOL), and of the Portuguese Association for the Defence of Digital Rights (Associação D3 - Defesa dos Direitos Digitais). Where held at times responsibilities on social organs.

Activist around Digital Rights, mostly on subjects around Copyright, Free Software, Privacy, Open Standards,

Lisbon Perl Monger...

I've been early on involved with the Portuguese community, in several ways, my first attempts to participate date at least as early as of May 2005 (https://launchpad.net/~diogo-santos).


Most contributions I made were as a member of the Portuguese LoCo, and for the Portuguese LoCo. Most notable exception was organizing a Release Party for Artful Aardvark, and my involvement with the Ubuntu Touch Ubports community.

Portuguese LoCo team member

Has member of the LoCo community I've been participated in several ways:

Podcast Ubuntu Portugal

Founder and co-host of Podcast Ubuntu Portugal. A podcast dedicated to promoting Ubuntu Ubuntuverse and Free Software in Portuguese Language.


I'm member of the Ubports First Responders Team, and also Captain for the Portuguese Language. Wich means I assist people who want to join the community mostly Portuguese speakers who don't speak English, or are not comfortable doing so, and do liaison with the Portuguese(speaking) Ubuntu Touch community organized by the Ubuntu LoCo.

Event participation

Future Goals


I only can say one thing: Diogo has to be an Ubuntu member! I'll not meet a guy with so much passion about Ubuntu and its community as Diogo has. He is always trying to help, he is always involved everywhere. Then, I wouldn't say +1 for his application, I would say +1000! -- costales

In a scale from 1 to 10 Diogo is an 11 on the Ubuntu passion level! He is in constant evangelization of everyone around him, always in the right word/advice. I share with him some projects like the Podcast Ubuntu Portugal, that he challenge me to do with him and until now is being quite a ride... Thanks for everything, bro!-- tcarrondo