This specification discusses ways to make Déjà Dup better. Déjà Dup is a backup tool for non-technical users that aims to be in Oneiric by default.

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    Notify after a week 

    Notify upon plugging in large external disk 

    SMART data is going bad

    Low on disk space

    Make restoring-while-using better 

    Kick dconf 

    Tell Ubuntu to notify about a restart 

    Make a backup browser 

    A lot of latency all over the place 

    GVFS backend? 

    Enter duplicity:// URL 

    How to allow user to change date?  Nautilus bar? 

    Custom UI ala Time Machine 

    Would likely look a lot like nautilus

    ZFS snapshot visualisation in Nautilus:

    Manage/view backups 

    See dates and which are full/incremental 

    Delete backups manually 

    Integrate with installers like Ubiquity 

    May need a library 

    Needs help from Design team 

    Back up non-files 

    Web data like gmail, flickr 

    Package list 

    "Restore to original location on XXX" when running in Live CD 

    Notify user in UI that cloud services cost money 

    Provide estimation 

    Create a restore thumb drive 

    Automatically verify that the backup can be restored 

    Finer-grained scheduling (?) 

    Provide an option (or maybe have that by default for encrypted backups) to not use SSL when uploading backups to S3, using duplicity's --s3-unencrypted-connection, for much faster backups.

    Inline warning if user changes folders so that certain important things (email, documents) aren't included

    Support GNOME's snowy thing when it is a thing

    Ask design about helping avoid user preventing forgetting the password

    Maybe prompt once a month for it again

    Or backup keyring separately and unencrypted (what about unsafe storage)

    Hook into pam and grab login password

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