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In the last years, upstreams have provided vast improvements in hardware detection infrastructure. We review which parts of Debian/Ubuntu specific hardware detection bits are obsolete and how to consolidate and update them.

Release Note

This specification involves a lot of smaller and larger robustifications and changes, but these mostly fall under the "bug fix" and "make it work as it is supposed to" category, and thus are not really worth mentioning in release notes.


Use Cases



Device ownership configuration

Aim for fully automatic and dynamic configuration of so that usually xorg.conf is not needed at all. This provides the following advantages:

Notes on particular sections:

Debconf interface: For manual tweaks and situations where does not start at all, we should still provide a lightweight debconf interface. However, this should use libxf86config, pyxf86config, or guidance-backends and thus respect the settings in the existing xorg.conf instead of clobbering it with the debconf values and abusing debconf as a database.

Debian is about to do the same changes for, and their and Ubuntu's maintainers are working together on this. configuration refactoring

Principally, to make more use of's built-in autodetection, we simply need to remove our own infrastructure. However, as there may be cases where we wish to retain mechanisms for overriding the autodetection, we need to do this in an organized fashion.

Power management

pm-utils is discovered along with HAL on, provides a distribution independent power management backend, and is the place to collect all hardware specific quirks. We should make use of this and contribute our changes upstream instead of continuing to maintain the deprecated acpi-support and the Ubuntu specific powermanagement-interface abstraction.

Starting from Hal 0.5.10, the only supported backend is pm-utils.

Kernel configuration

Test/Demo Plan

To be done when a beta is available.

Outstanding Issues

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