This specification documents the changes required to implement the login sequence proposed for Karmic.

The goal for the new experience is to provide smoother transitions between the different steps of the login sequence.

The scenarios for this specification are supported by several modules, based mostly on the new GDM infrastructure.

This specification is part of DesktopExperienceTeam/KarmicBootExperienceSpec

Release Notes

Release notes, based on the above description and impacted packages, will be detailed as the integration progresses.


User stories


This spec has been designed for conventional x86 systems. Parts of it may probably also apply to other hardware architectures.

(User Interface) Design

The overall look & feel and design requirements for the new boot experience are expressed in a separate document: see DesktopExperienceTeam/KarmicBootExperienceDesignSpec

(Technical Design and) Implementation

For the auto-login or the standard/manual login mode:

For the fallback splash used for "interrupt" cases like filesystem checks or querying the user for a password to unlock an encrypted filesystem:

Note: usplash is still used to style the shutdown sequence


There are no data to migrate.

There are no themes to migrate, as the new GDM system is totally incompatible with the previous generation.

Migration of other GDM settings is out of the scope of this specification. It is covered in the desktop spec. related to the switch to the new GDM infrastructure.

Test/Demo Plan

The test plan will be documented, based on the user stories above, at

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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