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When upgrading a package for which you have made changes, intelligently merge old configuration file, with the new one, rather then choosing the old one or the new one.

Release Note

Now, the package manager have been changed so as to intelligently merge the modifications you made to configuration files of previous version of a package, with the new changes made to the default configuration file for the new package. Before, you were been asked if you wanted to keep old configuration file, or use the new version. Now, most of the time, the package manager don't ask you any questions, it just keep your modified values, and add the new keys, values pairs in the configuration file. The only time it does ask you what to do, is when you had modified a key, which now have a new default value different than the default value of the previous version. When this come, it offers you of keeping your modified value, or adopt the new default value.


Most administrators knows that it is better to accept new configuration files rather than keep the old version they had modified, because often new options are added in the new version. And then remake the change they want to the default configurations. We believe this is crazy, and that this is caused by the fact that current package manager only offer between the old and the new configuration. We believe that it should be able to add to the old configuration, new key and values pairs, keep the old modifications we had made to the defaults, and when defaults have changes for some of the keys for which we had not the default value, ask us if we want to keep our modified values, or the new default values, and that for each key.

This bug was originally proposed by Timothy Miller in Bug #69412.

Use Cases



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Design is presently discussed in Configuration_files_upgrades_discussion Feel free to go there and add your comments!

.plist files are described here

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