This specification focuses on fully integrated cluster stack. It defines which tools are going to be used to define high availability and load balancing cluster system.

Release Note


Use cases



See the Work Items list in the associated blueprint.

UDS Natty Discussion

Meta-package: Simple - Only to join the cluster.
 - We need to improve docs -> server guide (once packages reach main)
 - clvm docs
 = provide recommendations (which cluster FS to use... ocfs2, fencing)
 - running cluster stack in the cloud:
 - running cluster stack for UEC HA
   - RoAkSoAx already completed some work in this area
   - Challenges: Seems easy on CLC/Walrus/CC but hard on NC
 - Upstart RA: upstream included patches
Use Cases for automated deployment. Two main types of use cases:
 - simple 
   - (would be messaging layer + pacemaker)
   - Virtual IP
 - advanced (would be shared file system, clvm, drbd)
   - Puppet?


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