This specification describes the Ubuntu cloud community portal


Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) is one of the leading open-source cloud computing software stacks. A lot of engineering effort is going into adding more features into UEC and innovating on top of it. The Ubuntu cloud community portal aims to be the central hub for all the community activities around UEC. The target is to create an easy path for the community to locate information related to UEC, as well as provide easy means for the community to be able to contribute back and engage in a developer path

Use Cases


The Ubuntu Cloud Portal will feature the following main menu

A preview mockup of the front page


Design Details

Platform choice

This section will detail how each page is implemented and what data will be available on it. Regarding technology choice to build the portal, the competition was between wordpress as a CMS platform, versus a completely custom Django application. From one side, wordpress is top notch software that gets us 90% of where we want to be, very quickly. The community team has experience building wordpress sites, an Ubuntu theme exists, lots of plugins and a very large and active community exists around wordpress. All that makes wordpress a very good choice, however on the negative side, writing custom code in PHP is going to be problematic since the team's experience is with python. Django on the other hand is very attractive in that it provides a rapid development python based environment, perfect for our customization needs. However should we go with a pure Django solution, we would be reinventing lots of wheels, and the development effort would delay us significantly. As it stands the community team believes the best and fastest way to build this portal will be to use a mix of wordpress and custom django code working hand in hand. Most of the portal will leverage wordpress, while custom applications will be built using django. The following section will explain how each is implemented (especially true for custom applications) and what it should provide

Portal Page Details


The Ubuntu Cloud Portal will be created serving the following needs


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Implementation Plan

Outstanding Issues


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