Cybercafés need lots of machines that user can use, which don't get hacked and can be centrally managed, rebooted, powered-on and powered-off.


Get Ubuntu into cybercafés with a great out of the box-experience and people will love it and tell their cybercafé-owning friends about how easy their lives have become.

Use cases

Bruce plans to set up an Internet café. He realises that he will have to spend an important amount of money on Windows licenses and billing software. He learns from a friend that he can get everything working easily and for zero price if he chooses to use Ubuntu.

Clark usually goes to an Internet café to check his e-mails and browse the web. He has gotten used to the programs they use there for IM, Internet browsing... when he finally buys his own computer, he learns that he can download and install legally and for zero price all the software he's been using in the café. He also tells his friends.





Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


Open source products

Other products

There are some people that already provide Linux-based public computers


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