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This wikipage covers the Spec "Bluetooth Manager UI and applet - bases". The aim is to design a "Gnome Bluetooth Manager", an applet and UI design for easy Bluetooth managing in Gnome


We have at the moment a gnome applet for Bluetooth wich is very limitate. The idea is to take inspiration from the Gnome Network Manager to make an equivalent and create complete "Gnome Bluetooth Manager".


The Bluetooth Preferences Gui in Gnome pannel /System/Preferences should be more complete. We need too to have the possibility to set up and enable any kind of Bluetooth devices and services with a Gui (eg: internet connection, printing, headset, keyboard, ...). This is not only used by geeks, a lot of consultants "on the road" use internet via cellphone/bluetooth to stay connected when moving from office.

Please have in mind that having a simple and complete Bluetooth Manager Gui would give to Ubuntu and GNU Linux a good advantage on Windows Vista, which has a poor wireless devices management at the moment.

Use cases

Lea wants to use and set up her brand new bluetooth keyboard and mouse without editing any text file

Anthony use a bluetooth headset to chat with his friends using Skype

Robert wants to enable services of his mobile phone when he is "on the road" for his job : internet connection, agenda sync, sharing files and documents with the laptop

Claire is wants to print a document on a Bluetooth Printer


This specification aim to design a complete Bluetooth Manager.





spenser-I think that there is no need for another applet instead this should be included in nm-applet. There is discussion on NetworkManger Bugzilla about adding this functionality. sread - Does it make sense for NetworkManager to control HI devices like the keyboard and mouse?

StefanoRivera: I think a software kill-switch would also be nice to have, see #231461


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