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This spec details a high-level view of a bleeding-edge Ubuntu release focusing on rapid deployment of updated software, here called "bleeding-edge."

Release Note

The bleeding-edge version of Ubuntu acts largely as its own testbed and quality assurance, or lack thereof; it does not track the stable or development branches of Ubuntu, and software only follows a short test period for interoperability. Canonical recommends the latest stable release of Ubuntu for production use.


A bleeding-edge version of Ubuntu could escape some of the quality assurance constraints of stable Ubuntu versions, allowing users to run the latest versions of software between releases without resorting to tracking development. Ubuntu could make versions of software newer than in the development branch available to users in this way; while users could still avoid running beta versions of GNOME or

Use Cases

Use cases fall to any user who does not wish to run a development branch, but will risk occasional breakage to always have the newest version of a software available.



A bleeding-edge version of Ubuntu should follow several design constraints.


Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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