Existing sections in APT are in need of restructuring. They are largely unhelpful for the non-techie user.


Help users find packages a lot faster. And maybe increase usage of good packages - users won't get tired of looking through crap just to find something useful.

Use cases

John wants to find Avidemux. He looks for it in multimedia, but finds it in Graphics (?). He also sees a lot of sections which don't mean anything to him, and even confuse him - Communication, Interpreted Computer Languages, Perl, Python.


Restructure the repositories to make finding packages easier. Finding a package is easy, provided, you _know_ the name of the program. If you search by scope, you're out of luck, and Ubuntu's 15.000+ packages fight against you.


Group more categories into devel - Interpeted Languages, Perl, Python - by the way, Perl and Python are interpreted


Determine categories useful for the users. Then triage the existing packages accordingly, getting user feedback after each major step.


None needed. It'a an administrative chore.

Data preservation and migration

Not involved.

Unresolved issues

A lot of work to filter all packages.

BoF agenda and discussion


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