Currently, spamfiltering in Evolution does not work out of the box for various reasons. This spec tries to describe a better implementation of out-of-the-box spamfiltering for Evolution in Ubuntu.


Spam is omnipresent these days, there realy needs to be a good way filter most of it.

Use cases

Dennis gets a lot of spam every day. His mailhost does not do spamfiltering and thus he needs to rely on his mailclient to handle this.

John has his own smtp/imap server setup for small group of people where mail is processed by procmail to weed out spam at delivery. When clients are using Evolution to declare mail as spam or ham this information should be processed on the server, preferably without the blocking delay that Evolution currently forces upon the user, so that spam is moved to a special IMAP folder for spam ("Junk"?).





Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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