dietlibc source package is compiled without stack protector flag to fix a FTBFS since 0.30-1ubuntu2 in Edgy. This generated some issues on several packages, which suffer segfaults or do not even compile. Hardy should fix dietlibc implementation and make packages depending on it usable again.

Also, lpia port is not implemented yet. It should be useful to provide it to compile packages for this port too.


There are several packages which build-depend on this package and have open issues:

Additionally, some packages do not build on lpia since this port is not available in dietlibc

Use cases

These are real issues reported in Launchpad:


This specification is meant to fix dietlibc to build against current toolchain without harming packages which build-depend on it. They are:


It should be possible to have a safe dietlibc without introducing additional changes in several packages. A possibile solution is playing with dietfeatures.h and WANT_SSP, which should be turned on by default, and -fno-stack-protector, which seems responsible of this wrong behaviour.

Implementing lpia port requires several changes and inclusion of new files, but it should be easier since we already have i386 port, which could be used as a starting point.


This patch should fix dietlibc. Rebuilds are required in order to fix dietlibc related packages, eventually including minor changes to packages which does not compile cleanly with the new version (bglibs and cvm).

Solved problems

BoF agenda and discussion


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