The Ubuntu Beginners Team exists to enhance the initial experience of new Ubuntu users and to guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community.

The Beginners Team membership process is the vehicle we use to mentor individuals. Each prospective member chooses a Focus Group (an area of interest) and is assigned a mentor proficient in that area of the community. By the time a prospect becomes a full member they should be fairly proficient in their area of interest. Being the first experience a user has with the community it is important that we are providing the best possible experience. We need to adequately equip the individual for success in the area(s) of the community for which they are interested. What is the criteria for proficient in the different areas of the community and how will that fit into out mentor program.

The Beginners Team needs strong relationships and clear avenues of communication with the areas of the community we are mentoring people to participate in. This will ensure a healthy collaboration, the sharing of best practices, and minimise duplication of effort.

This spec has been broken down into more refined specifications.


The Beginners Team has transitioned from a small excellent forum support group to a multi faceted mentoring team. As this transition has happened some of our processes and guidelines have not kept pace. Many of the membership process have been implied instead of explicit. Reviewing and formalizing our membership and mentoring processes will provide a clear path for beginners and improve the effectiveness of our project.

User stories

Fred is new to the community. He is not sure what areas he might be best suited to contribute to.

Bob is new to the community. Bob has been a developer for many years and knows he is interested in Ubuntu development.

Carl has been packaging and fixing bugs for years. He would now like to mentor people through the Beginners Team.


review and evaluate our membership process. Membership Proposals
determine the best path for mentoring in each area of the community. Mentorship Proposals
determine the best design for focus group containers Focus Group Containers Proposals
develop a plan to better forge relationships with the areas of the community we are mentoring people for.
review IRC procedure for automatic voicing of members : DONE

Unresolved issues

Make sure we coordinate with the LoCo Council. We do not want to interfere with any of the loco efforts or be perceived as trying to replace LoCos.

Perception the team is not global enough.[ACTION] LP polled and map made showing diversity of BT. Graphic incorporated into wiki.

Concern about the quality of mentors. [ACTION] Survey created to measure the experience of the prospective member.


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