The beginners team needs to solidify the process of becoming a member as well as defining what a member is versus what a mentor is.

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Creating a clear process for becoming a member as well as defining what a member's role is will help the ubt scale as it grows.

User stories

Jayne wants to help other users, but they are not sure how to go about it. They have a good grasp of how to troubleshoot Ubuntu issues with hardware and software configurations.



Currently the ubt requires prospective members to choose an area to focus on, this will now become a container to focus on with a possible future focus on one or more focus groups. The membership process will follow the flow listed below:

  1. prospective member
    1. introduce yourself to the team and indicate your interest in helping Ubuntu users
    2. apply for a membership vote
      1. link to examples of your answering work in the area you intend to focus on (contribute, support, advocacy)
      2. have references given if your answers are not online accessible
    3. approved or re-apply after building more history
  2. member wishing to join a focus group
    1. contact the FG lead and express an interest in that area
    2. work with the FG lead to work on a plan of action to gain the necessary knowledge


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