This spec describes giving visual feedback when AutomatedProblemReports are triggered and non-sensitive data about crashes is being automatically sent.


As per AutomatedProblemReports, "Depending on the environment, we can potentially provide different crash handler frontends. As a first small implementation for Gnome, a daemon in the desktop will watch /var/crash/ with inotify; if it detects a crash report it can read, it creates a notification which points to the file and asks to file a bug."

AutomatedProblemReports does not go into specific detail on the crash handler front-ends. This spec attempts to.

Use cases


The scope of this spec includes all things reported by AutomatedProblemReports.


A tool similar to update-notifier should exist to give visual feedback of AutomatedProblemReports through the notification area. This tool should display different icons depending on the current situation, for example:


We will need icons to display.

We will need this code either written from scratch or added to whatever user interface is created for AutomatedProblemReports.


Code will be needed in the areas described in Implementation.

We will need AutomaticProblemReports working first.

Data preservation and migration

No issues exist.

Unresolved issues

Kernel Oopses and failed package installation needs to be addressed.

BoF agenda and discussion



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