When users remove a device from their computer, such as a USB stick, and the device they removed is not unmounted, the desktop should pop up a warning to the user not to remove devices without first unmounting them due to possible data loss and/or corruption.


The current kernel handling of 'sync' is inappropriate for flash devices, so we currently use 'async' as the less evil mount option. As long as the kernel does not offer a better behaviour, we should educate users about the necessity of telling the computer to 'eject' the device before you physically remove it.

Use cases


Standard Ubuntu Gnome desktop.


Whenever gnome-volume-manager notices that a previously mounted device has been removed while still in the 'mounted' state, a notification bubble is generated:

(TODO: improve English)

The notification will automatically disappear after 10 seconds.


gnome-volume-manager already keeps track of removable devices and is notified about device removals from hal. We need to make sure that the data structures also keep track of the mount state. Other than that, we just need to add the libnotify call to the handler for removing a device.

Future improvements

* Instead of popping up a notification when the device is removed (and the damage has already been done), why not pop up the first time a certain device is inserted, and make it easier to unmount? Sorta like the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in Windows, which is not strictly necessary for Windows because they're sync, but would be extremely useful on Ubuntu...

^ Good idea. Maybe the text could read something like: "Removable devices need to be disabled by using the 'Eject' option before you remove them from your computer, otherwise the device may suffer from data loss. You can find this option by right-clicking the desktop icon for this device."

^ Just don't forget the 'Do not bother me again' checkbox, please.


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