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 * General Linux and FOSS discussions  * Discussed general Linux and FOSS topics 

* 02 December - AZLOCO/PLUG installfest/Linux Workshop

  • 10 attendees, 2 new people
  • Worked on Proxmox and media server ssd swap
  • Discussed general Linux and FOSS topics

* 03 December - AZLOCO weekly meeting chaired by Rex Bouwense

* 07 December - Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by Paul Kairis

  • 4 attendees
  • Discussed Pop!_OS, VPN updates, NFS and ZFS clustering
  • Talked about Linux certifications and their value

* 10 December - AZLOCO weekly meeting chaired by Todd Cole

* 16 December – AZLOCO/PLUG Installfest/Liniux Workshop

  • 9 attendees
  • Built a Samba server x2
  • Built a router server
  • Updated a Zentyl server
  • Ubuntu server install of a file server
  • Virtual box installation training
  • Built hardware to install Zentyl server
  • Installed a dual boot of windows 7/Ubuntu on a laptop

* 17 December – Weekly AZLOCO meeting chaired by Rex Bouwense

* 28 December – Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour hosted by Rex Bouwense

  • 10 attendees
  • Discussed the bug in Ubuntu 17.10 and the warning about not downloading the ISO until a patch is applied.
  • The Sierra Vista public library will be closed the last week in January for the installation of new carpeting so the CLUG meeting for 27 January is canceled unless an alternate location can be found.
  • Discussed the upcoming CLUG/AZLOCO installfest on 20 January. All install media has been updated and checked and all hardware has been checked for proper functioning. We are still looking for volunteers to conduct the actual installs.
  • Discussed future installfests that are scheduled for April, August, and November.
  • Discussed a problem that an individual had with getting an Epson printer to function correctly. Two solutions were offered.
  • Made arrangements to do a re-install of Ubuntu 16.04 for an individual.

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