Add privacy, resumability and reliability features (with an ETA & upload speeds) to apport. More so for people with limited bandwidth ability and high latencies to server. This will allow apport to be used more effectively. One can bank on apport to report all crashes without the user being interfered or being paranoid.


As of right now, one is never sure if apport has uploaded the bug or not. There are concerns regarding security, for e.g. if Firefox crashed or some application which has properties such as names, passwords, (in case of Firefox or other browsers) websites gone (profiling) etc. This needs to be communicated to the user. In essence apport has to be intuitive. Also people who have limited bandwidth capacity & have high latencies to the UK server are left stranded. An alternate to that would be setting up mirrors for crash reporting too.

Use Cases


Any user using apport Ubuntu Edgy, Feisty & above.


Big Picture

Implementation Plan


The last 2 paragraphs are esp. interesting :-

I used John J. Lee's mechanize, ClientForm and ClientCookie modules to emulate a browser. Hopefully this won't break too often if they rename URLs and links (KodakLoader does some screen-scraping to read out existing photo albums). I'd expect that Kodak Gallery has a soap or xmlrpc interface (which their ofoto software uses), so it'd be great if they were nice enough to provide some documentation about this (I haven't asked, but am considering doing so). Probably the single largest hurdle was figuring out how to report accurate progress for the file upload, as the actual upload is buried within mechanize, urllib and httplib. Once I was able to figure out the twisty maze, it didn't take too much code to implement. I used some hooks to provide a few alternate classes, which enabled me to break up the transfer into chunks and invoke a callback occasionally.

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion



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