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Eventually we want to merge systems like bug-buddy and apport. We describe the steps and changes needed to make apport usable for upstreams (and other distributions). As a side effect this will allow us to automatically forward crash bugs to upstream.


Some upstreams like Gnome currently maintain their own crash handling infrastructure. They are not directly applicable to Ubuntu because they are confined to particular applications, do not talk to Launchpad, do not collect packaging information, and are not easily extensible (like apport hooks). However, the general workflow is almost identical to ours, so it makes sense to promote apport as a general solution for upstreams, too.

Use Cases


These changes affect the crash interception and database parts of apport. It does not discuss changes to the packaging system interface (which also needs some refactorization to allow RPM-based distros to use apport).

The generalization of apport is designed around the use case of Gnome upstream at the backend level for now. Further changes might be necessary in the future, especially merging of the client-side user interface and support for more types of bug trackers.




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