This spec describes the integration of a universal application load indicator into Gnome/Ubuntu.


While Gnome includes a basic animation to indicate the launch of an application, this animation is not clear or helpful to many users. Users may be confused by delays between clicking an icon and an application's launch. Large applications with long load times, like OpenOffice and GIMP provide a lightweight progress indication to provide users with immediate feedback and useful information on the progress of the load. Ubuntu should provide some additional information to the user immediately after the icon is clicked and until the program is finished launching. Both the immediate feedback (tying a user action to a system response) and the additional information will further improve Ubuntu's usability for new AND existing users.

Use cases


This may require a modification of Gnome/GTK or D-Bus code, as well as postentially requiring minor modifications to individual apps. This will depend on the implementation strategy.


Perhaps the most useful implementation would just imitate the already working models of this present in OpenOffice and the GIMP. A small, lightweight splash screen would appear immediately indicating that a launch has begun. This could contain a branding graphic and/or the application's icon to increase visibility. A progress bar (possibly only for supporting applications?) will indicate the launch status. Once the application finishes loading, this splash screen will disappear. This feature should be optional (though it should be enabled in a default installation).




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