Adding a screenshot section to the Adept Package Manager. This aids people who have never seen the software to view what it looks like in a standard view (without having to download the program). The screenshots will have to be downloaded as the > button is ticked, and full screenshots will be download upon clicking the thumbnail. There must also be a way to disable the use of screenshots.


"Adept lacks a program-preview feature."

Use cases

Jim wants to view a Java IDE, but is used to Java-Made-Easy, a Windows Java IDE. He wants to see what Eclipse looks like, but cannot find screenshots anywhere on what the default Ubuntu install looks like. He would then be able to click the screenshots in Adept.


I have made mock up screenshots to better illustrate the feature: Screen 1: Standard Adept window, showcasing where the screenshots should be located. Screen 2: User clicks the thumbnail. Screen 3: Full-Size screenshot comes up, blurs out background for better viewing.

Outstanding issues


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