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This is a specification for a word completion and word prediction software. It comes into the form of a library with an appropriate API/demon, so that other software developer can use it in their applications. However, it will come directly with an application that watches what the user types so that its fonctionality can be used independently from other applications.

Moreover, it will sport intelligent behaviour, like typing a space and activating a software shift after a colon...

Finally the user will be able to define keywords that will automatically be replaced by determined text specified by the user.

Release Note

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It is mandatory.


Some users, especially those that need assistive technology like an onscreen keyboard, are relatively slow to type on the computer. A software that reduces the number of keystrokes they have to type by suggesting and automatically typing letters and text would improve their efficiency.

Use Cases



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UI Changes

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Test/Demo Plan

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Outstanding Issues

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BoF agenda and discussion

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