Based on a post into the ubuntu forums, it has occurred to me that a fifth mousetweak could be added to the already existing 4 mousetweaks. As the 4 original mousetweaks are already under development, it might be better to write the new mousetweak into a page of its own.


This fifth mousetweak will offer users a way to simulate the 4 click types by doing only simple clicks. We might call it Single Click in analogy to the names of the other features of mousetweaks.

Release Note

This new mousetweak represents an additional function that should be added to the already existing 4 mousetweaks.


The mousetweaks already offer dwelling, so that users that are not able to do clicks with hardware devices are able to simulate clicks with software. But what about users that would be able to push a button, but do not have the dexterity to do a proper left click, double click, right click or drag&drop? This mousetweak will offer these users a way to simulate the 4 click types by only doing simple clicks.

Use Cases



In the following, we will call 'software click', a click generate by the single click function. Please, have a look at the following sample GUI of the preferences of the single click function:


The user can active the single click fonctionality by enabling the correspondent checkbox.

The user has 2 ways to indicate to the single click fonctionality if the software has to transform his next click into a left click, double click, drag click or right:

The ctw and cta have to be always synchronized when both are simultaneously open. In other words, if the user selects a click type in the ctw, the same click type will automatically be selected in the cta; and vice versa.

In the preferences, there are two radio buttons to indicate to the single click function whether the buttondown or the buttonup of the user's click will trigger the software click. This way, the user can choose the way that is more appropriate to his skills.

Moreover, when the single click function is waiting for a user input (this is not always the case: see below the setting that makes the single click function only work when a click type is selected in the ctw or cta), it does not distinguish between the button1, button2 and button3. In fact, there is no need to distinguish between the different buttons, as only one type of input is required. Consequently, any of the 3 buttons can be used by the user for his click; the single click function treats them in the same manner.

If a click type is selected in the ctw or cta, the user's click will generate the selected software click at the location of the user's mousedown. More precisely:

Some users need the single click function only to generate certain types of click; others will need it for every click. The preferences of the single click function offers two radio buttons, where the user has to indicate in which of these two modes he wants the single click function to work:


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