Clarify the assistive technology settings in gnome. Identify where each options belongs, whether it is a general desktop setting with accessibility implications (such as font size) or a specialised assistive technology feature. Restructure the items to make navigating the options intuitive for groups with different perspectives.


The assistive technology (AT) settings in gnome are currently spread out over several locations, making the features difficult to find. Several new assistive technology applications are currently appearing like Orca, onBoard and LSR, some of which have overlapping features. It is important to present the option to the user in a clear way.

Use cases


Upstream Gnome is currently redesigning the AT-preferences window by moving the AT-applications selection to 'Preferred Applications' and making it more general so that users can select from different ATs (assistive technologies) to start by default with Gnome. The individual AT tools will continue to have their separate configuration dialogs, linked to from the AT preferences (as is currently done with Orca and onBoard in Ubuntu).

In addition, we will introduce link buttons to common user settings related to accessibility.



Caption: Proposed Assistive Technology Preferences layout, with launch buttons for related gnome settings.


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