This specification is obsoleted by AboutThisDevice.


To make Ubuntu more polished and easier to support, it will have an About box that displays the Ubuntu derivative name (if any), the version number and basic information about the system.


The original AboutUbuntu specification was fine to be proposed and get accepted for inclusion for the start of the Breezy cycle, however the Ubuntu landscape has changed remarkably since then, and AboutUbuntu needs to cope with this change.

People are used to "About Name of Program" showing a window that gives the software version details, and copyright info. Since many people do not distinguish between the computer and the operating system, other operating systems also include in their About box basic info about the computer the system is running on. Ubuntu should also include this feature, as well as linking to more information about the computer, as well as more information about Ubuntu.

Use cases


Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.